Mission: Assist buyers and sellers find unique and lucrative rig and equipment deals in a challenging market.
Raya Guruswamy CEO & President, EnergyFundz
Early Career
Raya started his career in the oil & gas industry with Bechtel where he was a field engineer on major construction projects. At Bechtel he was responsible for Risk, Safety and Environmental Management. This experience gave him a strong foundation in building and managing Safety and Environmmental programs and focusing on low frequency but high impact incidents. 

​Upstream Transition
Raya then moved to BP where he was part of the Rigs Acquisition and Startup group. In this role, he led and delivered a program to conduct over 50 risk assessments on BP's global rig fleet as part of a company committment following the Deepwater Horizon incident. This experience further strengthned his knowledge in upstream rig operations as well as safe, reliable and compliant drilling.
Project Management
Within his first year at BP, Raya demonstrated his ability to deliver major upstream projects under tight deadlines. In addition, his experiences within the Rigs group allowed him to become familiar with rig systems and equipment with a focus on process safety and major accident prevention.

​Rig Planning & Performance
This led Raya to a role where he was responsible for planning the delivery schedule and resources for new rigs in BP's fleet as well as managing the annual audit programs for existing rigs. In order to enhance his knowledge on rig systems, he participated in onshore and offshore rig audits (image below taken while conducting an audit on a Jackup in Egypt). He also met with contractor personnel to ensure their management programs met BP's operating standards. 
Commercial Management
Raya's most recent role at BP was in the Rigs Commerical Planning group where he worked with internal and external stakeholders to manage costs for joint-venture drilling projects. As part of this effort, his team was responsible for saving BP's drilling organization $5.6M in 2015
Background and Education
Raya was raised in Nigeria, where his family migrated from India in the 1970s. He obtained his B.S. from The Pennsylvania State University in Energy Business Finance and Geography and a M.S. at The Johns Hopkins University in Systems Engineering. While working at BP, Raya undertook an MBA from IE Business School.

​Societies and Memberships
Raya is a member of the following organizations:
 - American Petroleum Institute (Houston chapter)
 - Association of International Petroleum Negotiators
 - Houston Association of Professional Landmen
 - Independent Petroleum Association of America
He is also co-leads the Society of Oil & Gas Entrepreneurs, a 501c non-profit organization, which aims to foster and assist entrepreneurs in the oil & gas industry.

Recent ​Awards
In 2015, Raya took part in the City of Houston Business Liftoff Plan Competition where he came in second place. Following this, he was invited to participate in the Houston Community College & Newspring Business Plan competition where, in 2016, he was awarded second place.
​Raya began EnergyFundz as he saw an opportunity to leverage his rig and equipment knowledge, industry contacts and proximity to clients. EnergyFundz advises and/or consults in the following areas:
- Used and new rig sales
Oilfield equipment sales
Rig and equipment availability and pricing
​Rig and equipment market trends