OilPricesThere’s a popular business adage of companies which form in a recession are more likely to succeed than during a market expansion. This is easily translatable to the current state of $40 oil. E&Ps who can currently weather the costs of rig start-up and sustain operations are more than likely to continue when prices rise. Continue reading "Don’t be the Correction"
Over the last month, we've put together a new website which we hope will better outline our company and mission. At its core, EnergyFundz wants to connect onshore E&Ps with funding. We are not your average broker and do not represent the buyer or seller. Nor do we negotiate or file papers - we just connect. As a result, we're glad to announce we are already assisting onshore E&Ps connect with financiers. Continue reading "New EnergyFundz Website"
9255598_sWhile EnergyFundz operates in the onshore market, we couldn`t help notice a piece of news about ConocoPhillips `slamming the brakes` on the deepwater market to focus on US onshore unconventionals. In fact, Goldman Sachs recently concluded large US and European E&Ps (Exxon, BP, etc.) are on the hunt for onshore plays. With $150B in their balance sheets, they won`t have any issues getting what they want. Continue reading "The Majors are Coming"
7892868_mIn the past two weeks, EnergyFundz attended two separate luncheons where US shale markets and global oil prices were discussed. The first featured OilPro Managing Director, Joseph Triepke, and the second was with energy consulting firm, Rystad Energy. While there were common themes, it was interesting to hear their differing outlooks on next year's oil prices. Joseph saw 2016 oil prices dipping further, whereas, Rystad saw prices increasing. Continue reading "The Drilling Must Go On"
28252261_m We recently wrote about online listing services and it's no secret there are multiple players in the O&G space. From listing websites, broker pages, investment banks and self-promotion - there are several resources for O&G deals to happen. So what sets us apart? For a start, EnergyFundz helps assets and/or projects find and secure funding. Hence, asset owners not willing to give up their operator ownership can use our platform to seek out financiers in the form of VC or angel investors in return for some form of equity. See here for a difference between VCs and angel investors. Continue reading "Oil & Gas’ Mark Cuban"