As a newly formed company, we continuously seek out validation and feedback from potential clients and users of our platform. A frequent question is, “Why use EnergyFundz?”. To answer this, consider the following:

If you are an asset owner (or seller) – EnergyFundz will strive to provide you with more than one investor and hence compete against one another for your asset. In addition, the cost to list your property is negligible (all first time listing fees will be waived).
If you are an investor (or buyer) – The price paid for an asset is not inflated due to the presence of several intermediaries or middle-men. Through our platform, you are directly connected with asset owners that meet your pre-stated criteria (e.g. funding amount, basin location, minimum bbls/day, etc.)

At the end of the day, EnergyFundz creates a transparent and level playing field for sellers and buyers. To acheieve this, we only take a commission if and when both sides agree to move forward.

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