Over the last month, we’ve put together a new website which we hope will better outline our company and mission. At its core, EnergyFundz wants to connect onshore E&Ps with funding. We are not your average broker and do not represent the buyer or seller. Nor do we negotiate or file papers – we just connect. As a result, we’re glad to announce we are already assisting onshore E&Ps connect with financiers.

So why use EnergyFundz? Below are a few reasons:

  1. Either side is connected with multiple matches.
  2. E&Ps obtain the most favorable investment terms.
  3. Financiers connect with E&Ps that meet their investment criteria.
  4. Connections are made in a secure online platform.
  5. Connections made only when either side agrees to pursue a deal.

It’s fair to say small and independent E&Ps have faced the biggest hurdles in connecting with diverse financing sources and vice-versa. Our goal is to make these connections quickly and securely. Please contact us if we can help your firm.

We would love to hear your comments about our service and website – feel free to comment below or send us a message.

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