We recently wrote about online listing services and it’s no secret there are multiple players in the O&G space. From listing websites, broker pages, investment banks and self-promotion – there are several resources for O&G deals to happen.

So what sets us apart? For a start, EnergyFundz helps assets and/or projects find and secure funding. Hence, asset owners not willing to give up their operator ownership can use our platform to seek out financiers in the form of VC or angel investors in return for some form of equity. See here for a difference between VCs and angel investors.

Yes, EnegyFundz is also a listing platform. However, we specialize in deals under $10 million.  Typically, anything lower than this is overlooked by large banks or brokerage services as the commissions don’t justify their over-head and/or time. Hence, this market is left to fend for itself which results in inefficiency and missed deals. See here and here on more information about our typical client.

So what are your thoughts? Have you seen lost deals simply because they were too low? Or are you an operator who wants to retain your asset and just needs help until prices stabilize (and hopefully rebound to at least $70)? If so, feel free to comment below or drop us a line.

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