The global market for rigs makes for depressing news. This is especially the case if you’re an offshore deep-water drilling contractor with an ageing fleet and low utilization rate (i.e. contracted divided by owned rigs). Perhaps slightly better news if you have a newer fleet and diversified in your rig portfolio (jack-ups, semis, drill-ships). Finally, the onshore rigs market has glimmers of hope but will never be back to the levels of 2014.

Depressing, unless you’re in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia or The Middle East. Our industry network and relationships have been coming to life over the last 6 months in these regions as their drilling and completions activity has drastically increased. This is good news for US rig owners and oilfield manufacturers as excess equipment can be moved across. Better news for buyers as discounts as low as 25 to 50 cents on the dollar can be achieved.

At EnergyFundz – we know rigs. What it takes to find them, start them up and get them working. Our subject matter expertise and global relationships positions us help to buyers and sellers plug this east-west gap. No matter what side you find yourself in, we can help buy or sell rigs – on and offshore. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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